Art Director + Web Designer + SEO Specialist

Kelcey Parker is a Los Angeles based art director for print/web/mulitmedia and web specialist. Kelcey's design experience encompasses a wide array of projects including logo development, corporate identity, web development, video shooting and editing, packaging and print work. Kelcey specializes in working with clients to establish new businesses, and is always concerned with building long term, mutually respectful relationships. The opportunity to contribute to the success of a business or individual is what drives Kelcey to find creative, appropriate design solutions to position each new entity in the marketplace.


Innovative internet marketing strategies are absolutely essential for any business. Ask Kelcey how to build your online presence and reach the first page in search engine results. Benefit from Kelcey's years spent researching testing and developing search engine optimization [SEO] techniques and internet marketing strategies.


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Kelcey specializes in sustainable design solutions. Finding earth-friendly solutions to each design challenge is core to Kelcey's design philosophy and he is continually looking for new "green" products and services. By making the right choices as professionals and as consumers, Kelcey believes that the companies that drive policy will be forced to change. By making sustainable choices in materials and processes, the client and designer are working together to contribute to a better future for everyone.